Business for sale Nevada

Though Nevada is famous all over the world for its easy marriage and divorce proceedings, entertainment, legalized gambling and, legitimate active brothels, this US state is given great significance by businessmen and investors from around the world. This is because Nevada has an excellent business environment and allows several businesses to thrive successfully.

For the uninitiated, Nevada is located in the western and south western region of the United States. It covers the Mojave Desert in the south to the Great Basin in the north. The capital is Carson City and the largest city is Las Vegas. Nevada is the seventh-largest state of the nation in terms of size. It covers approximately 110,567 sq mi of area. 

The population of Nevada is 2,643,085 according to 2009 census. The center of population of Nevada is located in southern Nye County. The population of Nevada is not only wide, but also diverse. According to the census estimates, there are 65% White American, 7.1% African-American, 6% Asian-American (estimates placed them at 10%), 2% others (American Indians and Pacific Islanders) and the remaining 20% were Hispanics or Latinos of any race.

Such and extensive and mixed population base is favorable for those looking for business for sale Nevada as it assures them of a wide market for their products and services.

Another major reason why people look for business for sale Nevada is that it has a flourishing economy. In 2007, Nevada's total state product was $127 billion and the state's Per capita personal income was $39,853, ranking sixteenth in the nation.

Though the economy of Nevada is based largely on mining and on gambling and prostitution, agriculture too forms an integral part. Its major agricultural outputs are cattle, hay, dairy products, onions, and potatoes. The major industries in Nevada include tourism, mining, machinery, printing and publishing, food processing, and electric equipment. If you ever you decide to buy a business here, you really will be spoilt for choices.

The transportation and the infrastructural development in Nevada too plays an integral role in attracting entrepreneurs and investors. Nevada is one of just a few in the country that allow semi-trailer trucks with three trailers, also called a road train In Australia.

Citizens Area Transit (CAT) is the public transit system in the Las Vegas metropolitan area and is the largest transit agency in the state. It operates a network of bus service across the Las Vegas Valley, including the use of double-decker buses on the Las Vegas Strip and several outlying routes.

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