Mining company in Sierra Leone for sale

The registered company «DTA DIAMONDS (SL) Ltd» with the license on extraction of diamonds. The main characteristic of a licensed territory is: •a very high yield of raw materials of gem quality - within 90% •a high part of the yield of large-sized diamonds •a high quality of raw material •founds of colored diamonds of Fancy Color Average weigh of diamond – 1.06 ct. The market price of the diamonds mined in June 2011-2012 comes to $500-&550 per cts. (the estimation of GDDO of Sierra Leone). The yield of diamonds of gem quality is about 90%. Founds of large-sized diamonds more than 5 – 10 cts. occur frequently. Diamond value within the licensed territory - from 0,01 to 0,45 ct/ì3. Preliminary prediction of diamond resource (according to the categories P1 + P2) on the sample licensed territory is: 2 686 945 cts. and can be estimated in $ 1 343 472 521

Asking price $ 15,000,000
Category Manufacturer
Type Business Established
City Sierra Leone
Location Out of Canada

Established in 2008

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