Seeking Real Gutsy Partners

Are there any real gutsy investors left on this planet ? Aries Alliance is seeking one or two high quality partners to build one of the strongest and most profit capable of global corporations. We have over 35 years of industry leading experiences in real estate construction and Fortune 100 new business designing & developments. We offer some of the highest profit producing start ups on the planet in the safest and most proven of industry focuses. In ( real estate acquisitions & re sales, new computer & furniture manufacturing & retailing.) And we require only non criminal real no upfront fee investors like smart angel investors for between $1,775,000.00 to a maximum of $48,000,000.00 ( if you want the best possible new start ups and the highest amounts of profits then be a bit gutsy for a ground floor opportunity type investment not a dictator style investor (( as we must agree together ) and we will show you our very best ventures companies and industry focuses.)

Asking price $ 1
Category Restaurant/Bar
Type Business Opportunity
City Vancouver
Location Canada - British Columbia

Established in 2000
Number of Owners 1

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